Save the Date: Icon Book & Paper Group Conference, 8–10 April 2015, London

Definitely something I would love to sit in on.

The Book & Paper Gathering

Adapt & Evolve: East Asian Materials and Techniques in Western Conservation

Call for papers April 2014

Registration opens August 2014

The event will be held in English

This conference aims to explore the introduction, formalisation and evolution of East Asian materials and techniques that have become part of paper conservation practice across the globe. International specialists will look into how these practices, materials and techniques have been adapted and developed in the conservation of Western book and paper collections.

The event will feature the latest research into materials and techniques borrowed from Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea as well as participatory practical workshops. Specialist suppliers will also be on hand, including papermakers from East Asia.

The two-day conference will be preceded by a day of studio visits, where delegates will have the opportunity to book on to pre-arranged tours of conservation studios.

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